Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Little Rant

I'm a Christian, but I don't consider myself to a fundamentalist. I find that trying to shove my belief system down the throats of others never tends to go well, and it actually is pretty disrespectful to others. I tend to treat people the way I expect to be treated and lately that's caused me to look at issues that have happened in recent weeks in a way that may be quite a bit different from my Christian friends who have supported Trump.

For instance, on Facebook, I've heard some people compare the recent immigration ban to the fact that people won't get into heaven without "vetting." (I.e. salvation) I don't find that a valid comparison to the immigration ban. First of all, this isn't heaven. The United States is far from perfect, we're just a country that at this moment isn't undergoing a civil war. People are coming here for refuge, not because they believe this is some type of paradise. Refugees are escaping to other countries as well, not just ours. Secondly, refugees already undergo a detailed vetting process to be able to come into the United States. Many of the people who were subject to the ban already had been in the United States and held visas. Some were green card holders. They had already been vetted. It is a complex process to get a green card and be accepted as a permanent resident. A friend of mine and her husband can attest to that. Thirdly, if we're going to pull religion into this, here's what the bible has to say:

Luke 10:25-37
Luke 3:11
Matthew 25: 35-40
1 John 3:17

So that comparison is invalid.  If you're going to ask "What would Jesus do?" this is what he'd do. He'd feed the hungry, clothe the poor, welcome the little children unto Him, and probably take out after congress with a bull whip and overturn tables at the marketplaces. 

Honestly, this land doesn't belong to us to begin with. It was forcibly taken, invaded by outsiders and then the residents were forced from their homes, killed, poisoned, and we have the audacity to say "Nope, not here. We don't want you here." Um. Okay.

I'm so over people trying to convince me that the Tangerine Nightmare was the moral choice. You won't convince me. Maybe you're trying to convince yourselves. A man who wants to take away healthcare from those who can't afford it, who wants to strip our rights away, and who refuses to help people who desperately needs it is not a man with morals. He wants to take away business regulations that harm his buddies (look it up, he said it directly) but make businesses more transparent in their dealings with the public. The ban that was taken down didn't affect any countries that held financial interests of his, or had harbored terrorists that affected the US and our interests. (Again, you can look that info up) He was sued for sexual assault on a minor, and accused of such from adults as well.

So comparing Trump to "God" and using the United States as a metaphor for Heaven is an unfair and incorrect comparison.


  1. Are you sure that was a little rant? Not certain I want to imagine a big one :) You write forcefully and well.

  2. Is this your first go at blogging? You have a voice for it.

    1. I used to have a personal blog a looonnnggg time ago, but I've since abandoned it. I did have a few entries on a blog for my contemporary english writers class, but it was mostly a school thing, so...

      Thank you.